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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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Dissemination Review Panel and have NDN grants disseminate information
about those efforts and provide training to educational personnel at
new sites throughout the Nation as "Developer Demonstrators." Agencies
help local educators install the certified products or practices through
support from "State Facilitator" grants. Both types of grants are
awarded competitively and may last as long as four years depending
upon performance and availability of funds. Contracts are also awarded
competitively and for varying lengths of time for organizations to
provide technical assistance to NDN grantees and to identify and
assess promising practices. The Secretary's Discretionary Program
provided $10 million for NDN in Fiscal Year 1984.

Under the Education Television and Technology Program, contracts and
grants are awarded competitively to organizations to develop, refine,
and distribute educational television programs and to develop projects
and school-based demonstrations of educational technology. The Secre-
tary's Discretionary Program provided $1,290,000 for educational tele-
vision and technology in Fiscal Year 1984.

Under the effort to evaluate the Chapter2 Block Grant, the Department
supported two studies.Theseare describedin Chapter 104 of this
Report. The Secretary's Discretionary Program provided $489,000 for
this evaluation activity in Fiscal Year 1984.

o     Category (4);    The Secretary's Special  Initiatives

Special Initiatives in Fiscal Year 1984 included a grant competition to
fund research, demonstrations, and planning projects in two priority
areas: Teacher Incentives and Unsolicited Applications. The Secretary's
Discretionary Program spent approximately $4.5 million on these projects
in Fiscal Year 1984: $1 million for Teacher Incentive projects and
$3.5 million for Unsolicited Grants.

Table 1 on page 119-3 displays the intended funding flow for Fiscal Year
1984 for the Secretary's Discretionary Program. The Table shows the total
amount and then the amounts for mandated programs, for programs cited by
the Congress in response to Departmental requests, and for the Secretary's
Special Initiatives.ed. The Secretary's Discretionary Program pro-